Buying a house is obviously not for the faint of heart!

A lot has happened in the last week.

We got our home inspection on Friday. As we had assumed, the roof needs to be replaced as well as the chimney. The inspector gave it less than a year. In order to get a loan for the home, we need to have that roof replaced.

Our first step: We asked the seller to pay for the roof replacement (estimated at $4,500). We then proceeded to wait three days to hear back from him. When we heard back from him he said he doesn’t have the cash to pay for the roof, but he’ll give us a $2,000 credit at closing.

There’s no way in hell I would want to make such a major (expensive!) repair on a home that is not my own. even if we had an iron-clad contract with the buyer he could still back out, and then we have a legal mess thrown up all over our laps. No thanks. We countered and asked that the seller then drop the price of the home to reflect the cost of the roof, he countered that he would give us another $1,000 at closing, so we would only be paying $1,500 to repair the roof.

For the amount of house we;re getting for the price, husband and I decided that it was still a pretty good deal. Keep in mind we do plan on putting a lot of money into updating the entire thing, but I digress. The house has a sturdy foundation, it’s spacious, it has a huge yard and in a great location. We can eat the $1,500.

We come back to the issue of not wanting to pay for something so major unless our name is all over that deed. Now we are waiting to hear back from our broker if we can put the seller’s $3,000 and our $1,500 in escrow and wait until after the house is ours (and that it’s not the middle of winter in Pennsylvania!). We’re basically at a stalemate here. We won’t continue if we have to fix the roof first, but if we can work something out with escrow then we will be one step closer to being homeowners. We most likely won’t here the verdict until Monday, but I’m hopeful the news will be good.

This whole experience has been full of headaches and heartaches, but if we end up with the house in the end I’ll consider it worth it.