Another decade! Can you believe it?

We were fortunate to ring in the new year with some of our closest friends and had a blast. If the beginning of 2010 has any indication for how the rest of the year is going to go then I am ready for an amazing year.

We got our home appraisal on Wednesday, hopefully we’ll know by this coming Wednesday if all systems are go or not. Apparently the appraiser was only there for half an hour, so I’m hoping this is a good thing. You see, it has been very cold around these parts and we’re buried under about a foot of snow. I’m hoping the snow covered any imperfections the appraiser might have noticed on the outside and it was just too darn cold to stick around inside the house for very long to get a good look (no one has been living there in a few months, and the entire place is winterized against our lovely PA winter weather). This should be the final hurdle before we can close, still on schedule, on the 28th of this month! Did I mention before that’s just in time for my birthday? I turn 23 on the 30th. What a fantastic birthday present, should it happen. I get a house!

I’ve started my decorating dreams, and just to keep things organized made a little website to keep things neat and in the same place. Click here to check some pictures out 🙂

2010 led me to a new discovery as well: mineral makeup. The bare essentials seemed a little over priced to me, but I wanted to try mineral makeup (no chemicals!) so off to Etsy I went. I was not disappointed. I found the shop for Urban Apothecary and ordered foundation, blush, and eye shadow. I’m in love! I’ve never been this excited about makeup before (that might be a lie) but this makeup is amazing. I’m hopeful it will help my recent break out problem. I’ve been blessed with clear skin for most of my life, but apparently 22 is the new 13 for me.

Hoping soon I’ll have some happy house news to share, I have my fingers crossed they won’t leave me in suspense too much longer!