I know, it has been awhile, huh? Every time I went to post an entry, all I wanted to do was talk about the house, but actually writing about it was putting even more stress on a very high-strung situation.

Long story short, as of 3 PM February 3rd, 2010 Justin and I are proud homeowners 🙂 It’s kind of crazy, people buy houses every day, but it’s a whole other ballgame when it is you buying a home. I can’t believe how many dreams have suddenly come true in the past year. I married Justin and we bought a house together all in a seven-month span. It’s actually kind of funny, our original closing date was set up for exactly six months after our wedding date, but sadly it got pushed back six days.

We started to move in yesterday after we closed. Justin swapped out all the locks on the house and Brittany helps us unload some things. I hope to actually sleep over there tonight, even if it’s just us, some wine, and an air mattress 🙂

I was really scared before about talking about the house at all. It has been such a long time coming that I think I almost talked myself into believing that there was no way we were going to end up getting it in the end. We literally had such a roller coaster of a ride to get those keys in our hands, but I think it makes us appreciate it even more in the end.

The house right now is nothing much to look at. Justin and I both love projects, and this is going to prove to be the biggest project of our lives. We’re basically redoing the entire place and making it completely our own (red and black kitchen for me!) Sometimes watching those HGTV shows where people buy houses already completely done seems so…impersonal to me. That’s not to say that I would turn down a $50,000 kitchen if it were handed to me, but I’m so excited to take on this crazy adventure with my husband.

Right now I’m frantically googling absolutely everything DIY related when it comes to houses. The room I want to attack first is the kitchen/dining room, simply because we don’t have to re-drywall that room (the rest of the house is covered in painted paneling, ick.) I’m debating creating a new blog dedicated to having all my home-based decorating and renovating in one place, as well as cross posting here. There’s so much to do, it will keep us entertained for years.

I’ll post some pictures when I finally get around to taking some. It will be awesome to see some before/after shots when the renovations get rolling!