I’m a hardcore Democratic.

Four years ago I was two months shy of being able to vote for the 2004 election. If you had asked me then who i would have voted for I couldn’t have told you. Hell, I didn’t even know the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Boy have things changed.

I hate, yes hate, how people say you can’t be this type of person if you’re voting that way. Or you’re not a good Christian if you vote Democratic. It drives me crazy.

My parents are Republican. My dad is simply a staunch Republican due to their platform on gun control. I happen to be 100% with him there. That actually is the only real ideology I have in common with that party.

However, I think just about everything else they have come up with sucks. Sorry. Ok, not sorry. I’m mad at Bush the most right now for this little stunt. Seriously. Keep your damn government policy away from my body! Go mind your own ovaries. Oh, he doesn’t have any. Must be easy to be a pro-life man.

Another thing that I can’t help but just feel awful about is the proposition 8 results. I can’t wrap my mind around it. What the hell is the big deal? People get married every day! Maybe I wouldn’t feel as passionate about it as I do now that I’m halfway down the isle, but I would like to think I would. Honestly. I can’t think of anything more heartbreaking that for someone to come up to Justin and myself and inform us we are not allowed to get marred because of whatever reason. Seriously. Take a step back straight people and think about it. Someone just told you you’re not allowed to get married, and in turn will not be able to be counted as family if your partner (ugh, sounds so distant) is dying in a hospital bed and they’re the love of your life and your best friend. Sorry. I don’t think that’s what God really wants. Gay people and straight people are born that way. It’s not some pervy sexual desire like pedophilia, it’s real emotion and attraction. I could not choose to suddenly prefer women over men, not more than a lesbian would suddenly wake up one day and decide she didn’t like girls anymore. We’re created that way. You can argue God gave us free will, and he sure did! But there are some things out there that go beyond what we have a choice over. If God created someone who is gay, then sure free will could keep that person from ever partaking in homosexual activities, but why would the wonderful God that everyone talks about create so many people to be miserable and lie to themselves their whole lives? That just doesn’t jive with me.

I’m probably going to come back to this again. These two issues are the deal breakers when it comes to politics. I don’t think that Chrisitanity should run the country. I know that sounds awful, and I even cringe a little saying it. But in a country that was based and founded on religious freedom…lets keep it that way. We should govern ourselves how we see fit, and the government should support our rights to believe what we want.

edit– I had to add a new category for this post…I have never bitched this much…lately.


Good lord.
I seriously think we have hindered the human race by making laws against natural selection. Some people simply need to be kept from reproducing.

I feel so stuck sometimes. I’m trapped by the money I make here. I can’t leave for a lower paying job because I made the decision to grow up slightly earlier than most people my age. I have responsibilities now, not only to myself, but to Justin. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m absolutely happy with the decisions I’ve made. I’m living and getting married to the most amazing man I’ve ever met, not to mention we have a great place to live, with a house of our own on the horizon… but only because we work our asses off.

I’m proud to say I’ve worked for everything I have today. My parents were the best providers growing up, they gave me everything I ever needed, and also taught me how to be a slight workaholic, so that I’ll be prepared to one day get what I wanted for myself. I just can’t wait to move on from this awful job, and onto something I can at least not want to have a few strong drinks after.

Also, I feel compelled to mention the passing of Estelle Getty, or Sophia Petrillo of Golden Girls fame, died today. Right there’s a clip to Jezebel.com, one of my newer addictions. They did a great job at showing Estelle Getty’s finer scenes. I watched that show with my late grandmother, and do feel like I know those characters a little bit. You know, sentiment by default. I still watch that show today, whenever I catch it on Lifetime =)