The days are flying, and I had my bridal shower this past Saturday!

My Beautiful Bridesmaids!
From left to right: Brittany, Lori, Kendra, me, Tara, Bree.

It’s all becoming very surreal. I had a party to celebrate that I’m going to be a wife! It also really allowed me to kind of reflect on my friends and family.

Brittany I’ve only known a couple years. We became friends when her (now) husband became friends with Justin. We all work together and get to bitch and complain to one another about our wonderful job. Her’s was one of the weddings I was just in recently.

Lori I’ve known a couple years longer than Brittany. In case you’re just tuning in, she’s Justin’s sister-in-law, married to his older brother. Lori and I hit it off right away long before Justin and I got together, and she helped get us together and get him away from someone that didn’t treat him as well as he deserves.  It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 5 years since I’ve met her!

Kendra and I formally met while we were in 5th grade and we were taking out Iowa Basics tests (standardized testing for grade school-ers here in PA) She and I basically put each other through some hardcore high school hell, but we always found each other again. We expierienced a lot of our “firsts” together. First boyfriend, first kiss, first dance, etc. We’ve really gone down the road together. And then I watched her son be born, that was kind of a life changer, seriously.

Tara is my longest running friendship. We met in third grade and found a common ground in Goosebump books. We practically lived at each others houses as kids. We started to grow apart a little in junior high, then came back together when we found common ground again in show choir and high school musicals (you know, before high school musical. Did I really just go there? Anyway…) She’s one of those friends where you don’t talk for months, then pick up a phone or meet for lunch and pick up right where you left off. It’s pretty awesome.

Finally, Bree!. We first met while I was in third grade, but we didn’t really become friends until high school. Like Kendra and Tara we all went to school together, but Bree is a year older than us. We have a funny history together that involves a boy that we love to laugh about now, but obviously back then it was serious business, haha. We basically hit it off during my freshman year when our school put on the production of Grease. Ever since then we have been friends, and both share a love of cooking and being boring old ladies. She has also been my go-to complainee with wedding related stress. Poor her! haha. She just got married a couple months ago too.

So there you have it, my formal introduction to my oldest and closest friends! One of the best parts about this whole wedding expierience is that they all are in one place at one time! All my friends are pretty laid back, so I think they all clicked very well!

Presents! The whole shower was a stunning success. Lori did a great job organizing the whole thing, although everyone kept telling me how nice it was. I didn’t do a thing besides show up! Lori definitely outdid herself. I’m very lucky to have her!
The shower was a lot like those birthday parties you have when you’re younger. You play some games, eat a lot, and then everyone watches you open presents. The one big difference is that I picked all the gifts ahead of time in the form of a registry, haha. I’m not one for surprises.

August 8th is my bachelorette party. I’m pretty excited to go out with all my friends, I just hope it doesn’t get carried away too much. I’m honestly the type of person who would be happy to go out to dinner with everyone and grab some drinks. I’m not much for the club scene or anything real crazy. We are going to a dueling piano bar, which I am seriously excited about. However, if any of my friends think I’m getting up on stage and getting myself humiliated, I guess they don’t know me that well! I’ll be a stick in the mud about some things, but I’m just not the center of attention type. I hope everyone understands that! no penis crowns for me, thanks. haha.

I do have the most awesome friends though, I’m a lucky girl 🙂

My Girls =)


No seriously. I have discovered I am a wedding crier.
Bree and Me! Bree got married on Saturday! The weather couldn’t have been more cooperative either, it was a gorgeous warm day and the sun shined the whole time. I know they say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but eff that, I like sunshine.
Anyway, Bree looked gorgeous, her dress (which was the last one in that style in the entire country because they discontinued it right before she bought it) was stunning. Oh, and all her bridesmaids were pretty good looking too 😉
I have discovered that I do, in fact, cry at weddings. Or maybe just the weddings of my best friends when I’m thinking about myself being in their shoes in three months, whatever. I was a bit choked up while the preacher talked about love. I think it’s even more intense for Bree, because her husband (wow! husband!) was her high school sweetheart too. You don’t see too many love stories like that anymore. How freaking lucky is she to get it right on the first try? Seriously! That is the epitome of a classic love story, and I am so happy for her!
My Honey and Me! I wasn’t quite so lucky to get it right on the first try…or the second…or third…or 10th…but eventually I got it right after kissing a couple frogs and stepping on a couple toes. In 94 days I’m going to marry the man that still takes my breath away and keeps me smiling for no reason. The wedding and reception certainly renewed our romantic sides, we were pretty much inseparable the whole night and danced all night to cheesy romantic songs that make everyone else roll their eyes unless they’re feeling the same thing too.
Two years later and I still have to question if this is some amazing dream or what the hell a guy like Justin sees in me, but then he throws the same question back at me and all I can do is smile and thank my lucky stars that everything that happened happened to bring us together.
Hey! We're Getting Married Next! One of the funniest moments of the night was the bouquet and garter toss. They had all the single girls out to the floor. I stayed put because, well, I’m not single. Apparently Bree had other plans. She dragged me out to the floor and I stood with the other girls. She turned around like she was going to toss it over her shoulder and I prepared to step out of the way…then she turned back around and lobbed it to me softball-style. Obviously I caught it. After that Justin was pretty much forced into going out to the floor too and Vince did the same to him. Obviously this little wedding reception tradition wasn’t rigged at all. Yeah. Right. It was funny though, as you can see from the look on my face I really couldn’t help myself. I mean, the whole tradition is based around predicting who’s getting married next. No prediction needed in this case, unless someone else in the room was planning on eloping soon we will be the next couple down the isle. Yay 🙂

This Saturday is Brian and Brittany’s wedding, then we’re in the clear until ours. We ordered our favors yesterday, personalized shot glasses from We collect them wherever we go, so it seemed appropriate. I’m really excited about them, and I hope they turn out okay! I also ordered personalized cocktail napkins for the desert table and cake, as well as personalized matches from The napkins say “Eat, Drink, and be Married” on them with our names and date. The match books are what I’m really excited about. They have a picture of a flame on them with our names and date, along with the phrase “come on baby light my fire“. Justin is a huge, huge, huge Doors fan, so this was so perfect I almost squeaked out loud when I stumbled onto them! I bought some old fasihoned hard candy in watermellon flavor from We’re going to fill the shot glasses with the candy and tie them up with cellophane. I thought the candy would be nice with the old fashioned type venue, and nothing says summer more than anything watermelon flavored 🙂
Tomorrow is our Friday, Justin will get the rest of the week off, but I work on Thursday before being off for Brian and Brittany’s wedding. I’m completely re-obsessed with wedding stuff and will be taking a crazy amount of pictures when the stuff we ordered arrives!

pomander My latest creation! Don’t mind the green foam peeking through, I basically just wanted a rough idea of what it would look like, and if it would be worth the trouble. I think it will be worth it! I’m thinking of using them to decorate the chairs for the ceremony, I’m going to need to make like…50. yikes! haha. I guess it will depend on the final guest count and exactly how many chairs will get one. I’m definetly not thinking every single chair, but maybe every other or every three…we will see!

I have a lot of little projects I’m excited to start working on, escort cards, finish the invitations, do these pomanders, programs, finish the flowers! So much more! I figure this will be the only time I can really go all out on my love of crafts, and I plan on taking full advantage of that!

We’re about to go meet with the venue lady where we’re having our ceremony and reception, I’ll be sharing those pictures tomorrow probably. I cannot wait to see everything all done up for a wedding!! I work again tomorrow, then I’m off for Bree’s rehearsal and wedding Friday and Saturday, I really can’t believe it’s here… but I’m sure she’s totally ready 😉

So today is basically my Wednesday. I traded my weekends off to have Wednesday and Thursday off with Justin. Lets just say it’s very, very disorienting. I literally spent most of Wednesday morning thinking it was Saturday, only to be corrected because the shows I usually watch Saturday morning were no where to be seen. THEN I did the SAME thing on Thursday. I was entirely convinced it was Sunday.

The nice thing about having our “weekend” in the middle of the week is that when we went out to dinner on Wednesday at the brewery we got right in. Saturdays when we usually go it is packed to capacity and we usually have to wait about 20 minutes or so. Win!

In other exciting news, someone made the first purchase off one of our registries yesterday! I was ridiculously excited, because it just means all this is really happening. We’re getting married! I can’t wait to find out who made the purchase just so i can kiss them and tell them thanks for making my day, because it really did! I am now one step closer to my Italian/wine themed kitchen =)

The registry is really a lot of fun. I mean, when else can you make a huge wish list and have a chance of getting some things? The nice thing for us is that we have everything we need to live comfortably, we’ve had a home set up going on two years now, so we basically just get to either upgrade our cheaper/abused/second hand stuff to new stuff that reflects our tastes and register for “fun” stuff, like a panini maker, basically stuff we want but probably wouldn’t buy. Justin complained about me dragging him to do the registries, but he was like a little kid in a toy store zapping everything in sight with the little scan gun. It was fun though, and through it we kind of get a better idea about each others tastes in different things. Happily we do share the same taste in many things, so that made the whole process very easy.

Bree’s getting married on Saturday. I am going to lose it so hardcore when I see that happen, just because 1) they’re great together, and 2) she’s one of my oldest friends, and seeing her getting married is going to sucker punch the realization to me that I am too. I mean, it’s one thing to hear about someone you know getting engaged, married, whatever, but to have a childhood friend get married…I think it’s like a whole other level of realization.

Justin said to me the other day that I am getting married young, which struck me as funny. Granted, he’s 26, I’m 22, so there is a little gap, but it’s not something I really think about. Justin and I are on the same level with what we want in life right now, so age really isn’t an issue. It’s just weird to think of myself as getting married young. I don’t think I’ve been “young” in a long time. I’m an old soul, and I’m glad I found another one.

Another wonderful weekend!

Saturday was Bree’s bachelorette party. All the girls went out to one of the best Mexican places in our hometown and basically parked there for the night, seeing how high a tab we can run. Bree swung by to my place on her way from Pittsburgh and her sister took us the rest of the way to the restaurant. Later after the festivities my wonderful fiance made the hour drive to pick me up so I could get properly intoxicated.

This place is really popular in town and have amazing food. The best part about this place? They make the best margaritas ever. What’s even better is that they serve them in glasses as big as your head.
Drinks this big also attract some attention, which is surprising that a drink would attract more attention than, say, a penis necklace, but you’ll have that. She got lots of compliments on the massive drink, and I was so proud. We also harassed the crap out of her for not sucking the whole thing down in five minutes, I’m not sure if we were aiming to give her brain freeze or alcohol poisoning…or maybe a little of both. Whoops! I ordered this beautiful peachy concoction for Bree at the beginning of the night, and she was still trucking along on it three hours later. Needless to say, I felt very accomplished 😉
I don’t think it helped that every time Bree said her fiance’s name her mom plopped a penis-shaped ice cube into her drink. The ice cubes are the questionable looking things floating around in the drink there, just in case you were wondering, haha 🙂 After we ran out of ice cubes every time she said his name she got a shot. Bree doesn’t drink too often, so we basically had a very cheap date on our hands 😉

I guess I should be a little concerned for my own party, Bree made it perfectly clear throughout the night that she was not letting me get away with getting her inebriated. I guess I’ll get what is coming to me….darn 😉

My previous post must have shown up on quite a few search engines, the number of views is almost triple what my regular/non-stabby posts are. I’m glad to see people heeded my warning and didn’t argue 🙂

Onto more fun things to talk about, like bridal showers! More specifically Bree’s, which was this past Saturday. It was an awesome party, and I’m basically super pumped for my own bridal shower (what? A girl can’t like presents??) haha, but seriously, I really can’t wait now. It reminded me of the big birthday parties we’d have when we were little and invited our whole class, only this time we get excited over towels and crock pots rather than barbies and hot wheels and we drink wine now instead of juice.

I wonder when exactly it was that I got super excited over getting towels as a gift. Seriously, when did I get so old?? And don’t even get me started on kitchen supplies. Justin and I practically drooled the entire time we were setting up our registry in those isles! I don’t mind the change though, and I’m pretty excited for all the wedding stuff to be over so we can concentrate on finding a house…there’s always so much to look forward to in life!

Here I am looking pretty special with the ribbon bouquet I made out of the ribbons from Bree’s gifts. I’m actually pretty proud of it, in case you couldn’t tell 😉

May is going to be….ridiculous. Something is going on every weekend, from bachelorette parties to rehearsal dinners, to the main event. I will seriously be busy. This Saturday Justin and I are meeting my parents at the location our wedding/reception will be, my parents still haven’t seen it yet. It’s supposed to reach 83 degrees on Saturday, so we’ll be on the bike, for sure! I also have my second dress fitting at David’s Bridal at 3, I’ll be buying my veil then. I can’t wait to see everything all put together…omg.

I hope I look marginally better in my dress too. I’ve been working hard trying to lose weight and although I haven’t noticed a difference someone at work yesterday did…it really made my day! I’ve been doing the Shred every day this week, and next week I’ll be ready to move onto level two (gulp) and hopefully continue to see the numbers on the scale trickle downward. I have my own brand of motivation, and I keep it locked up in the back of my mind. Saturday cannot come soon enough, I can’t wait to have my dress on!

I did Day 3 Level 1 of the shred today. It’s getting a little easier. I’m really hoping I can go through it without pausing by day 10. I want to keep up the working out daily, which is a little rough when I’m coming home after midnight, but I do sleep well after that! haha.

Spring really just feels like a time of change. I need a little change for the better again. I’m vain, I won’t deny that. I want to look hot on my wedding day! I want me future children to think their mom was pretty when she was young, and I know I sound silly, but that’s just it.

I’ve also been very good about what I eat! I’ve been having 4 – 5 smaller meals every day rather than 3 big meals and lots of snacks in between. I also haven’t eaten anything I didn’t personally make, so I know exactly what I’m eating and every evil calorie is accounted for. It hasn’t even really been that bad. I’ve said before I’ve tried all the “diets”, but really this whole portion control thing is working out better for me than anything else has. I even stumbled across a new recipe that I am completely and utterly in love with, and am eating for dinner right now!
I call it Peanut Ginger Stir Fry and it is amazing. I really had every intention of making a huge thing of stir fry for my dinners for at work, but at some point during the cooking process I remembered seeing a recipe for peanut butter glazed chicken and randomly decided to add peanut butter to the stir fry, soooo here it is!

  • Chicken or steak (I actually used chicken the first time and steak the second, I think it’s better with chicken IMO)
  • 1 package of stir fry veggies. (Basically for convenience. Feel free to chop your own.)
  • 1 onion. (I love onions, but you know that’s never included in the frozen veggies.)
  • Garlic. (At your discretion! I use nearly a bulb because I loooovvveee garlic!)
  • Asian sesame dressing
  • peanut butter
  • soy sauce
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • rice vinigar
  • 1 cube chicken bouillon, in 1 cup water.
  • Ground ginger
  • Linguine
  • Marinade the meat in a mixture of the Worcestershire sauce, rice vinegar, and Asian sesame dressing for an hour or so, or while you’re waiting for your linguine to cook, which I hope you don’t need instructions on boiling noodles 😉 Then in a big skillet, preferably the biggest you have, heat up about a cup of the Asian sesame dressing. Drain the dressing the meat was marinading in and add the meat, onions, and garlic and stir fry until the onion gets cooked through. Add the rest of your thawed veggies and cook those through. Then add the pseudo chicken stock and make sure your only using about medium high heat as you add the peanut butter. Now this is where it gets kid of tricky. Peanut butter does not like to cooperate! It’s hard to work with and you need to melt it down with the heat from the other ingredients. Problem is if it’s too hot the peanut butter sticks to the skillet and you have an awful mess and burnt crap, if it’s not hot enough the peanut butter stays in a big clump. Just be careful here. If you think it’s a little too thick feel free to add some more water and then add the noodles. Throw a few splashes of soy sauce and then a VERY LITTLE bit of ground ginger. Ginger can be very over powering, so unless you were really going more for the ginger flavor over the peanut butter, be careful.

    And that’s it! It’s about 250 calories for one cup, if I did my math right (which you really shouldn’t trust my math, but that’s what I’m tracking calorie-wise) So it’s seriously my new favorite dinner. The peanut butter is a great food for keeping you feeling full, and it’s just good. I really can’t say enough about it, but again, I like really weird food combinations.

    Anyway, there’s something else I’d like to share, my wedding bouquet!
    This is what I’ll be holding when I walk down the isle! I’m actually really excited about this, because it’s something that I actually pictured and made a reality. I was a little concerned I wasn’t going to be able to pull off the kind of bouquet I wanted, but I did! I think the second picture does the flowers a little more justice. I also cannot believe how hard it is to find red calla lilies! Seriously, I think I checked three different Pat Catan’s and Michael’s before I finally found some available online. They were really expensive, so I went back to Pat Catan’s one more time and found exactly as many as I needed. I couldn’t believe my luck! So now basically it’s down to stocking up on all the stuff we’re going to need for center pieces and the rest of the bridesmaid flowers. I decided to make theirs just white versions of mine with the white calla’s and maybe carnations instead of the roses. I’ll cross that bridge another day!
    I love how amazing the flowers themselves look. They look completely real and yet I could probably beat someone to death with this thing and it’s not going to fall apart. I’m glad i decided to go this DIY route for the flowers. I would probably be freaking out if I had entrusted someone else, even a professional florist, to do them. This way too, I got to experiment on my own to decide what I liked and did not like, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂
    Tomorrow is thankfully Friday! Saturday Justin and I are heading to Pittsburgh to have a double date with Bree and Vince at the water front and grab dinner. I’m just ready for the weekend, it’s time for fun!