Oh, my Monday started off badly!
You know that feeling when you’re lying in bed in between sleep and being awake where you contemplate the absolute necessity of getting out of the big warm bed? Uh huh. I was so close to just putting geology on the back burner and rolling over into sweet, sweet sleep.

But I didn’t. I was a good girl and got out of bed, drove the half an hour to school, and sat down in class ready to take furious notes.

Then class got canceled.

Two years ago I would have been very happy about this, but I had another 3 hours until my next class and my big warm bed was half an hour away and not as warm anymore. That really put me in a mood.

But the day got better. I don’t have to do observation tomorrow, which I was really starting to sweat about because the chores are piling up. I need to do some grocery shopping badly tomorrow because I haven’t mastered shopping bi-weekly, so we usually run out of food at this point. It doesn’t help that Justin thought it would be a great idea to empty our fridge and take all the food I painstakingly planned out for these two weeks up to the camp last weekend. It threw my whole system out of whack! I also need to hit the financial aid office for the first time in my four years of schooling and see how the heck I’m paying for these next couple semesters. I’m so close to the finish line of school I can almost taste it. I need to do some major cleaning and revamping of the kitchen. I’m not a neat person and even I’m starting to twitch, Justin must be dying.
speak of the camp, we did have our first nice-weather trip of the year up this past weekend for Justin’s 26th birthday. Or 24th, it depends who you ask 😉 the weather really did cooperate, and hung at about 50 degrees the whole weekend. For us who have been living under 10 feet of snow these past few months, 50 degrees is practically a heatwave.

Anyway. I take this same picture every. single. time. I go up there. Honestly, I think it’s one of the most breathtaking views anywhere. I’m especially happy with how well my camera caught it, as it is not quite the fancy camera I would like (that one happens to be on our Target wedding registry, hinthint 😉 But yeah, gorgeous view of the Allegheny river about a minute from Justin’s camp. You really can’t beat a view like that. We went tubing down that river about three or four years ago (wow, has it been that long??) and it was a great expierience that I’d really love do do again. I’m not sure why I make it a point to take the same picture every time we’re up there, but it really isn’t. the river and the scene changes dramatically with the seasons, and this one might actually be my favorite, mostly due to the blue and purple color my trusty little camera caught. Love!
My love, and me cheesing biiig time 🙂 We were out by the fire on Saturday night (Justin’s birthday!) Which besides Justin haveing a little close contact with a little bit of pavement, was an awesome day. Slept in, lazed around, and then went out to the best BBQ place in the entire world…or at least western Pennsylvania. Seriously, pulled pork to freaking die for, and I’m not a huge BBQ fan. They also have amazing smoked meats and cheeses, so everyone stocked up for the rest of the weekend. That’s how I like my men, low key and laid back. He can be made happy with a case of Sam Adams and a BBQ birthday lunch. Well, Justin got a shiny new helmet for his shiny new (new last year anyway) dirt bike. But that’s the way we like it, just…simple. We like to throw some curves every once in awhile to keep things interesting (he doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to go see Rent, methinks) heh. But you get the idea. There’s a lot of give and take and a lot of relaxed moments in our relationship. We are not high maintenance people…unless it comes to cooking for me and cleaning for him. ha.
Last picture I took on the trip, and fittingly I took it as we were descending down the mountain. I don’t know if it’s because we only get to visit maybe once a month once it starts getting nice out, or that we just don’t live there 24/7, but the mountains just look so much more beautiful than anything around here does. I really can’t explain it, but I always think it. There is a lot of country side to the area we live, but absolutely nothing compares. I might be biased. The camp and the mountains is where Justin and I just clicked. It’s where he proposed to me, and although it holds some random bad memories that do not involve one another, there’s a history that just has to be respected, and the future that we’re building now. Not to mention our own children one day building memories. I hope one day they’re able to take pictures like this and be able to float down the Allegheny. I also want to see the day where Justin and I can totally bust them for underage drinking up there, I’m really looking forward to that. I’m a simple girl 🙂

We had the most gorgeous autumn day yesterday…and today too, but today I am stuck unside and cannot enjoy it.
Yesterday Justin, Brian, Brittany and I all piled into Brittany’s jeep and headed up to the mountains for the day. The goal was to take some pictures (as you can see!) and chase some elk. We saw a few, but not too many. It appeared we were not the only ones with these 600 pound beasts on the brain, there were actually many people up there enjoying the beautiful day and sightseeing. this particular picture was taken in Benezette, which is actually only about half an hour from Justin’s camp. Brian and Brit introduced us to the cutest little country store. Justin and I bought a shot glass (we collect those..up to 20 now, haha) and I bought a couple things for my parents for Christmas. It was a very cool old-fashioned type shop with freaking amazing smelling candles. I’m hoping to get to go back before Christmas to snag a couple more of those…you would even have to burn them, just let them hang out in the living room, haha.
This second picture was actually taken right outside that little shop. Another gorgeous view given to us by the fall season. Most of the year I hate fall, I hate the cold and I hate seeing summer go…and then I see autumn myself again and forget why I dislike it so much. It seriously is absolutely gorgeous. Spring is happy because it’s almost summer, but it’s slow to progress and shake the last of the frost of winter, especially around here. With autumn it’s like one day it’s summer, and the next the trees are exploding with gold, red, orange, yellow and even holding onto some green to bring it all together. Natures first green is gold, you know. Soon that little stream there will be completely frozen over, as it’s so shallow, but right now it’s in this beautiful place that I’m proud to say you don’t get to see everywhere. Pennsylvania is truly an amazing place, I don’t think you can really get a true appreciation for all the seasons by living somewhere where it is warm all the time (or cold for that matter!) not that I wouldn’t want to live somewhere where I never was completely freezing, but I do love to see the leaves turn. Everyone should take it in every once in awhile, it’s a beautiful sight.
meet Brian and Brittany. haha. I don’t think I’ve had them on here before besides talking about them 😉 haha. they are our “couple” friends and heading down the isle towards marital bliss (or something like that) in May. Actually, on our trip yesterday, we visited the place Brian popped the question, and since I got proposed to up at Justin’s camp, Brittany got proposed around the same area, we all have just another thing to love about being up there 🙂 I guess our men just know what we want, and how to make getting proposed to one of the most breathtaking things to ever happen to us 😀 haha.
So Benezette and the surrounding area, basically on the other side of the mountain from Justin’s camp, is called “elk country” apparently the elk in this area were wiped out by over hunting a long time ago, and recently there have been some major efforts to reintroduce them to PA from out west. They really do have these elk spoiled. There’s about 600 I believe Brian said in the heard and there are whole fields of different plant life plated just for them to feed on. Even private land owners will place some extra goodies for the elk. It’s a really great sight. there’s Justin and I hanging out a viewing window, still continuing our search for elk. This viewing area isn’t actually fenced off or anything. It’s basically a set of stairs leading up to a wall about 7 feet high with some squares cut in the wood for windows. It’s really simple, but also very cool. They also allow a certain amount of elk to be hunted per year, but usually only 5-10, if you get one at all. You’re also only allowed to hunt the bulls, as we all know women are more important and you need more of them for baby making 😉 haha, but seriously. It’s really expensive to even get a license, and if you get one that’s it for you for something like ten years. It’s pretty hardcore, but that’s what killed all the elk off in this area in the first place, people wen to town hunting them and didn’t think of the consequences.
It’s kind of crazy, all the checks and balances in nature. Take Justin’s area for example. That side of the mountain (I’m sure the whole mountain as well) has a bit of a wolf problem. There are too many and it’s annihilating the deer population…so they bring in a mountain lion. I’m not so sure that’s the best idea they could have possibly come up with, but now we need to watch out for wolves and a lonely mountain lion. I-yi-yi.
Here we are at another lookout. We didn’t have any luck here either. The only place we ended up seeing some elk ended up being on private property off of a field where they have food growing for the elk. it was a male and then three females around him. This is the time their mating season is about to cool down, so I am going to assume he is pretty pleased with himself, haha.
After we were done sightseeing and whatnot, we decided to take a little trip to the other side of the mountain to Justin’s camp to show Brian and Brittany around. It’s weird, as soon as we got there I felt like I didn’t want to leave! I really love it there, and I am starting to grow very fond of this time of year. We’re going to see about maybe coming up next weekend for one more sleepover and fire before it just becomes too unbearably cold. It’s just so amazing there, I never want to leave whenever we go. Lori and John lived up there the year after they got married. As much as I love it there, I probably would not want to live there indefinitely. It’s a place you go to escape your day to day life…where would you go if that was your day to day life? I have to say though, very few places have scenes as breathtaking as this. It’s the natural beauty I hope will be around for my kids to enjoy. I support all the effort that goes into conserving the land up there. So I can take pictures like this, and so my kids will be able to as well. I take a different picture here at this same spot almost every time we go up, and this is by far my most favorite picture of it. It’s all just too amazing to put into words. It’s a good thing a picture is worth at least a thousand of them 🙂
Anyway. My day is, thankfully, almost coming to an end. Another two hours and I will be free. Then I’ll go home an relax like it’s my job for the remainder of the weekend…or I’ll drive out to New Castle and watch Justin work on his car. haha. I might try talking him into going out for wings, but our couch at home is sounding very, very inviting right now. I think it might be a wine-and-candles kind of night. Fun filled Sunday, but I wouldn’t have it any other way ♥

Oh my, the heat!

I have to say, I love hot weather. I would so do well in the tropics where all you do is lay around and sweat. Hell freaking yeah. To bad I live in Pennsylvania, and we only get maybe a month and a half or two of gorgeous, scorching, summer heat.

I did get some sun today at the playground job.  I may buckle down and get some sunscreen…but I really want a tan! haha.  I love being out in the sunshine.

Another nice thing about the heat is after the rain, it makes scenes like this:

right out of a travel brochure.  That was taken this weekend up at the camp.  Beautiful river, and very fun to tube down!

Speaking of camp, we’re going up for a week straight at the end of June into July.  WITH MY NEW QUAD! sorry, just had to throw that in there.

bye now!

This is what happens when a few winos find themselves with a bottle of wine and no cork screw:

It’s rather amazing how creative you get!

Anyway, I had an amazing weekend that ended up in buying a quad! Trailboss 325 to be specific 😉 Justin’s going to the Notary on Tuesday to get the title and whatnot transfered, so basically I could be riding by the weekend, which would be great. I’m so pumped, and I never thought I’d get a quad. It never was really my thing until I got together with Justin, now I have the bug =)

So that’s the update for the day. Great weekend, too bad tomorrow is Monday.