I’m done. This is it! My centerpiece battle (lord I hope) is over. I feel like I am properly in love with this and it’s just the right mix of different and traditional that I was looking for. I’ll probably add some more red gems around the base, and the linen on the tables will be white. maybe there will be a splash of red somewhere on the table, a linen overlay or something…haven’t got that far yet! Haha. But really, I think they have the summer feel I was trying to find, and well and a different but not crazy look that is suitable for a huge barn reception! That, and all the flowers for the bridal party will be calla lilies, so everything comes together 🙂 I can’t wait to check out the venue again, I really want to see everything set up as a wedding site, last time we were there they were cleaning up from Halloween festivities.

Everything’s really moving along! I go for my first wedding dress fitting Saturday at 4, and I am so beyond ecstatic to see myself in the dress I’m going to be married in. I’m going to seriously have to refrain from posting pictures, but I can’t wait to see Justin’s expression when he sees me in it 🙂


What a combination!
First the fun stuff. I think is is finally, finally, finally the centerpiece I’m happy with. I wish the pictures actually did them justice. They’re probably about a foot tall or so, a little taller with the beaded stuff coming out. I figure one to a table, and the tables are round. I wish I just really loved them. don’t get me wrong, I really, really, really like them, and Justin likes them. I like that it’s something different, it’s not just your run of the mill flowers, but I’m afraid they’re just a little too different, if that makes any sense. haha. People expect flowers I guess is what I’m thinking, but I’m not really a flower type person. I did want something different, and it’s obviously quite a bit different from what I started with. I really enjoyed putting it together though, and coming up with something that if not completely unique, not something I’ve seen anywhere else in my mass trolling of the internet. I’m really enjoying to continue making them. I’m actually twisting every single on of those bead branches by hand, so my fingers are definitely feeling a little rough, but it’s something to keep me occupied and sane at work, so I really can’t complain. I figured out I have to make about 30 of them a day to make 20 centerpieces to have them ready a month before the wedding. I guess I’m proud of them. I was the guests at the reception to think how different and unique they are, and hopefully not think how strange and weird the bride is 🙂 Not that that would be unwarranted, but hopefully I will be so stunningly beautiful in my pretty white dress that no one will dare call me weird. haha. We shall see!

Here’s a closeup of the beads. There are also little red silk rosebuds in the middle there, although a little hard to see. They’re not the “real” type fake flowers, they’re shiny and have little crystals in the middle, very pretty 🙂 I need to do a real trial run that is permanent. I’m still “mastering” the art of getting all the wire at the bottom to not be massively bulky and ugly. I have the little red stones that help cover that part up, since the clear pearls leave nothing to the imagination (which is pretty!)
I’m really curious to see how they look in the natural lighting when we have them all set up in the barn/hall. It’s going to be late august, so daylight will be until 9 or so and we won’t need artificial lighting until the final hour or two of the reception. Hopefully it all turns out the way I have it in my head (and REALLY REALLY hope it doesn’t rain!!!) That’s one of my biggest fears, raaaain on my wedding day. That’s obviously myself bringing it on because we both wanted it outdoors. Hopefully my worries are unfounded, and they are, according to the farmers almanac. haha.
Here’s the final shot of the centerpiece, the part I’m the most fond of. The clear pearls in there are actually gel-like things that grow from itty-bitty pieces maybe a centimeter in diameter to over an inch in diameter when you soak them in water. Seriously, the way they shine in the light is awesome. I added those red gem rocks at the bottom and suspended them in between the pearls, I really, really like all the reflecting it’s doing. It just looks awesome, and I think well compliment the bridesmaid dresses and any other red accents perfectly.

In a completely non-centerpiece related topic, I found This article while browsing today and am completely smitten by the idea. I really think that I’d like to set something up. I just need to find someone I trust to man the laptop, or hire one of my brother’s friends or something. I think it would be a major hit, and I don’t want to miss out on any of the pictures taken!

Hello, my name is Ariel and I’m a work-a-holic.

I am now at the point where I keep changing my mind over wedding stuff. Things I liked a month ago I want to change and make it something I have discovered now. Take, for instance, my new little mini-obsession. I got the idea from for something a little different from the other thing I had set up too. To be honest, I really am a work-a-holic. I loved creating that. It took a few days, and I twisted every metal strand by hand, but I think it’s going to be worth it. It’s different. It’s not just another flower arrangement, and it’s something I created from nothing, save the vase, which I just love. it’s different! haha. I just hope I can stop here. I don’t want to come across something I love even more weeks away from the wedding.
Another thing I’m completely rethinking are the bouquets for bridesmaids. not completely rethinking them, because I love calla lilies, but maybe something different. Either that or I have a whole never direction for my bouquet 🙂
I plan on going to Pat Catan’s, a local craft store, very soon. Nothing says happiness like dropping $100.00 on pretty flowers and beads! I will be in wedding craftiness heaven!
Onto other exciting news…
Justin got a promotion! He is now a network operations annalist. how’s that for a super sexy title? Haha. So on Saturday, in true company spirit, everyone took him out to get completely wreaked. Let’s just say it is possible to do, you just have to have a spare $120 lying around. It was definitely money well spent, he deserved it plus so much more. I seriously feel like a proud wife, which is pretty much the truth. I’m just so happy for him 🙂 so here’s a picture of most of our more liver-sturdy co-workers, except for one rude lady flashing the tacky peace sign or bunny ears in the back there, we don’t know her. And that’s of course Justin on the far left, he got a funny tee-shirt from the bartender for getting the new job (or possibly all the tips we were throwing at him) and I do believe my boy looks very good in that shade of blue! Anyway, It’s 11:38, I’m ready to pass out, and I’m probably only typing 5 words per minute, I might even be in the negatives for how often I have to backspace. I’m freaking beat!