pomander My latest creation! Don’t mind the green foam peeking through, I basically just wanted a rough idea of what it would look like, and if it would be worth the trouble. I think it will be worth it! I’m thinking of using them to decorate the chairs for the ceremony, I’m going to need to make like…50. yikes! haha. I guess it will depend on the final guest count and exactly how many chairs will get one. I’m definetly not thinking every single chair, but maybe every other or every three…we will see!

I have a lot of little projects I’m excited to start working on, escort cards, finish the invitations, do these pomanders, programs, finish the flowers! So much more! I figure this will be the only time I can really go all out on my love of crafts, and I plan on taking full advantage of that!

We’re about to go meet with the venue lady where we’re having our ceremony and reception, I’ll be sharing those pictures tomorrow probably. I cannot wait to see everything all done up for a wedding!! I work again tomorrow, then I’m off for Bree’s rehearsal and wedding Friday and Saturday, I really can’t believe it’s here… but I’m sure she’s totally ready 😉


Hello, my name is Ariel and I’m a work-a-holic.

I am now at the point where I keep changing my mind over wedding stuff. Things I liked a month ago I want to change and make it something I have discovered now. Take, for instance, my new little mini-obsession. I got the idea from for something a little different from the other thing I had set up too. To be honest, I really am a work-a-holic. I loved creating that. It took a few days, and I twisted every metal strand by hand, but I think it’s going to be worth it. It’s different. It’s not just another flower arrangement, and it’s something I created from nothing, save the vase, which I just love. it’s different! haha. I just hope I can stop here. I don’t want to come across something I love even more weeks away from the wedding.
Another thing I’m completely rethinking are the bouquets for bridesmaids. not completely rethinking them, because I love calla lilies, but maybe something different. Either that or I have a whole never direction for my bouquet 🙂
I plan on going to Pat Catan’s, a local craft store, very soon. Nothing says happiness like dropping $100.00 on pretty flowers and beads! I will be in wedding craftiness heaven!
Onto other exciting news…
Justin got a promotion! He is now a network operations annalist. how’s that for a super sexy title? Haha. So on Saturday, in true company spirit, everyone took him out to get completely wreaked. Let’s just say it is possible to do, you just have to have a spare $120 lying around. It was definitely money well spent, he deserved it plus so much more. I seriously feel like a proud wife, which is pretty much the truth. I’m just so happy for him 🙂 so here’s a picture of most of our more liver-sturdy co-workers, except for one rude lady flashing the tacky peace sign or bunny ears in the back there, we don’t know her. And that’s of course Justin on the far left, he got a funny tee-shirt from the bartender for getting the new job (or possibly all the tips we were throwing at him) and I do believe my boy looks very good in that shade of blue! Anyway, It’s 11:38, I’m ready to pass out, and I’m probably only typing 5 words per minute, I might even be in the negatives for how often I have to backspace. I’m freaking beat!

So I’ve taken up some new hobbies to occupy my time. I may not be very patient, but I am excellent at being busy. First off, I bought a calligraphy beginners set. I don’t want to pay someone to just write out our wedding invitations, but I love how classy calligraphy looks. Sooo, I’m going to practice for the next year and a half. haha. If it comes down to it and it looks awful, I’ll print out mailing labels on the computer. I can manage that.
Another little hobby I have that has withstood the change of times, is crocheting. I learned how to crochet from my grandma when I was maybe…9? Somewhere around there, and it’s still something I enjoy. A friend of mine is expecting a baby, so I’m working on that right now, actually just started it yesterday. I can usually pound out a baby blanket in a couple months. I just work on it while I’m at work for some busy work for my hands.

My little cluttered mess. and my first attempt at at the pretty writing thing. They do say practice makes perfect, right? And the little blanket-in-training =) Calligraphy is kinda fun. I actually have horrible handwriting just in general. I blame it on being left handed but I’m probably full of crap. But with calligraphy the pen really does all the work, you just have to get used to holding it at an awkward angle. The lefty thing doesn’t help either. haha.

Anyway, happy Friday, I hope everyone has a great weekend. personally I cannot wait to sleeeeep in!