Okay, western PA has seen enough of the fluffy white stuff. It can stop now.

No really.

We have about 2.5 feet of snow.

For the record, moving in 2.5 feet of snow is not the most brilliant plan I have ever come up with, but we did it with a surprising amount of success! We are about 95% moved into the new house. We still have one couch left at the apartment, a computer desk, and some other random things that didn’t fit into any categorized boxes. Right now we’re basically cleaning the house and the apartment and we can officially say goodbye to the place that had been our home for the last two years. It’s oddly bittersweet.

Owning a house is all kinds of amazing. Right now it is a project in itself to just put things away and explore some more, all while trying to find everything a “place”. I’m so glad we got ourselves a three bedroom house, and I’m shocked at how we already have a fully furnished place. I’m not sure how everything fit in our apartment, but it looks much better in the house!

Being the listy sort of person I am, I already have a list for just about every room in the house and what all needs done. When Justin and I were looking for a house we knew we wanted something we could turn into our own. We certainly got that with this house! We did get two really important features though, hardwood floors throughout and three bedrooms. The whole house has hardwood, save for the master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. I love these floors. I think we’re going to put hardwood in the kitchen and master as well, but we are still deciding.

Just to give you an idea as to what we’re going to be in for for the next few years, here’s my To-Do List for the bathroom:

  • Spackle holes (Oddly there are numerous holes, like the previous owners hung a ton of…art? in the bathroom! haha)
  • Repaint or replace tub (The previous owners PAINTED the TUB. I don’t know what possessed them to do that, but there’s peeling paint and dirt got underneath. Eventually it will be replaced, but for now I am going to try to make do, seriously….who paints a tub??)
  • Replace handle hardware. I learned from HGTV that if you want to change the entire look of a room, start with the handles/knobs/hardware. Right now they’re a brassy gold, I’m thinking tarnished brown.
  • Repaint entire room. (Again, the previous owners…. the room is day-glo ORANGE. It’s like walking on the surface of the freakin’ sun!)
  • Check/clean exhaust
  • Repaint/re-stain cabinets
  • repaint/re-stain mirror
  • Repaint/re-stain wood trim
  • install a towel rack (they had one hanging behind the door, it lasted about 5 minutes with me. Annoying!)
  • Find some material for curtains. (I have a Martha Stewart Complex. I want to create!)

    The floor in the bathroom is kind of up in the air right now. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. I think it’s probably because it’s overshadowed by the orange monstrosity that it the current paint job. If we hate the floor later then it will be replaced, but it is not a priority at the moment.

    I actually think I might start another blog specifically for documenting out decorating and renovating projects, which will include absolutely every room in the entire house, starting with the bathroom. The living room is next, but a nice coat of paint will transform that room completely. The living room is like swiss cheese though, the previous owners went to town pounding holes in the walls. Oh well, at least now it’s our swiss cheese 🙂