Another decade! Can you believe it?

We were fortunate to ring in the new year with some of our closest friends and had a blast. If the beginning of 2010 has any indication for how the rest of the year is going to go then I am ready for an amazing year.

We got our home appraisal on Wednesday, hopefully we’ll know by this coming Wednesday if all systems are go or not. Apparently the appraiser was only there for half an hour, so I’m hoping this is a good thing. You see, it has been very cold around these parts and we’re buried under about a foot of snow. I’m hoping the snow covered any imperfections the appraiser might have noticed on the outside and it was just too darn cold to stick around inside the house for very long to get a good look (no one has been living there in a few months, and the entire place is winterized against our lovely PA winter weather). This should be the final hurdle before we can close, still on schedule, on the 28th of this month! Did I mention before that’s just in time for my birthday? I turn 23 on the 30th. What a fantastic birthday present, should it happen. I get a house!

I’ve started my decorating dreams, and just to keep things organized made a little website to keep things neat and in the same place. Click here to check some pictures out 🙂

2010 led me to a new discovery as well: mineral makeup. The bare essentials seemed a little over priced to me, but I wanted to try mineral makeup (no chemicals!) so off to Etsy I went. I was not disappointed. I found the shop for Urban Apothecary and ordered foundation, blush, and eye shadow. I’m in love! I’ve never been this excited about makeup before (that might be a lie) but this makeup is amazing. I’m hopeful it will help my recent break out problem. I’ve been blessed with clear skin for most of my life, but apparently 22 is the new 13 for me.

Hoping soon I’ll have some happy house news to share, I have my fingers crossed they won’t leave me in suspense too much longer!

Eep. Christmas is creeeeeping up! I know the holiday is completely commercialized and has pretty much lost the real meaning, but I still love the holiday season. Also, I’d like to share with you a possibly very helpful find from The Consumerist: That may very well come in handy for the holiday shopping. Everyone knows that with some digging you can find better deals on the internet than in retail stores, the only problem is that once you add on the shipping cost, you barely have much of a price difference, especially for bigger items. One thing I’m excited to see there is a coupon for (NSFW-ish). The local store half an hour away closed, and I love Fredricks. A lot of the stuff there makes for great his and hers gifts 😉

I can’t wait for this Saturday. Justin and I are going to check out a new bar we’ve never been to, and it comes with a concert! The Huckin’ Fillbilly’s. Are playing, and for $5 a person to listen to live classic and southern rock all night? Oh hell yeah 😉 We don’t really go out to bars too often. Sometimes I wish we did more, but that’s because I’m only 21. The difference with me is that I’m engaged to someone who has been there and done that, and we both have responsibilities. I would like to make it a monthly thing though. I really like the atmosphere, especially when there’s a band, love, love, love that!

My to-do list is starting to get a little long. Saturday will be a busy day, I promised Justin we will scrub down our place top to bottom before going out. We also decided that even though we’ve been living there since December, our place still doesn’t look “homey” enough. Staying true to my newfound love of saving money, I found this amazing website. We rent our townhouse, obviously, so although we’re allowed to put nail holes in the wall to our hearts content, we’re not allowed to paint. Now with those instructions, I can go out to a fabric and craft store and buy cheap fabric for less than a dollar a yard. We’re not going to cover an entire wall, but some accents would look really nice. I’m the DIY queen, and when we have a lot of downtime at work I like to look for things to do. When I have more time/money, I’d love to take a painting class. Until then, I’ll be crafting my little heart out when it comes to start things for the wedding. I found another nifty little site for DIYers, especially those who like to cook, Budget101. It gives you all these ways to create things like tortillas, buns, and brown sugar. Back to basics, right? There’s so much I want to try. I wish I had more time on my hands!

Now to go totally off topic, I think I found my next tattoo:
Isn’t that an amazing picture? I already have a dragon tattoo, which I’ll dig up a picture of some other time, but this one is just…amazing. I’m thinking of getting it scaled down, it will really depend on how much smaller it can be made, and I’d like it on my wrist with Jut’s and my initials where the tails twist together at the bottom there. I’m not sure where else I would put it. I’m pretty sure any field I’m heading for won’t care about a little wrist tattoo, unlike my original idea that I would like to be a teacher…pshh.

In any case. Saturday is looking to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to try the decorating idea with Justin and hopefully capture some photographic memories. I also can’t wait for the rum and cokes later on. heh.