Slippery Rock really should have shut down today. Hundreds of college kids driving around the parking lot was so not a good idea with the crazy snow we had today. Seriously, when all the other area schools close, it’s probably maybe because they think it’s a good idea. I understand we pay to be there, but I don’t want to feel like I have to drive through severe weather conditions just to make it to a class. It’s not good judgment.

Rant. Onto better things =)

I am seriously the most financially irresponsible person I know. I mean, I keep up with my bills and whatnot, but I’ll be 22 on Friday and I have never opened up a savings account.

Gasp, I know. Well, I did on Friday. ING direct online to be specific. I heard some good things about them from The Consumerist, and that being a very harsh site I’ll trust it. I think that’s really what I need, a completely online savings account where I never have to actually step foot into a bank. I barely have time to go grocery shopping, let alone banking. This also means I have no excuse to not deposit money, as I sit in front of a computer for an average of 10 hours a day between work/school/personal time.

I also did something else financially responsible. I set up a budget. A budget! Me! I combined my love of my itouch with my disdain for anything related to math and found an awesome application for budgeting called Ace Budget. It lets you set a budget for a category, say “car” and then add the expenses under it. For example, I have my car budget set at $370 a month. for my car every month I send about $183 and some odd change for a payment (only 20 to go, btw!) and about $151 on insurance. the rest is gas money as needed, which usually isn’t much. When I’m not in school I’ll only spend about $20 a month on gas, work is seriously maybe 3 miles away. Anyway, I’m kind of excited to use this! I also set up my checkbook on my itouch, basically because I gave up keeping a paper one years ago when my bank went online.

I’ll never be great at finances. That’s just another thing I love about Justin. I always told myself that is would be very important to marry someone who had a good financial head on his shoulders, because Lord knows I have nothing when it comes to that department. So I’ll manage myself until the end of August, then as soon as all the name changing details come to an end I’m passing my checks to Justin and taking an allowance. 🙂


That time is loooong passed.

So I have rounded out part of my new financial plan. It’s the part where I make more than I spend and whatnot and take advantage of my work place’s available open overtime. I even did math and everything! Here we go, I break it down:

  • Right now, until raises in November, I make $11.45 an hour. After taxes I make roughly $8.86 an hour. This may or not be right, I basically looked at one of my paychecks and divided my pay by the hours I worked. I did this with a couple different paychecks and came up with about $8 and some change. If I work 40 regular hours a week it comes to about $640.00. I won’t pretend that any of this is exact, I am no mathematician, that’s for sure. Onward.
  • We get paid time and a half for every hour over 40 we work per week. so after 40 hours I make about $13.29, again this is after taxes are taken out, and again, a rough estimate. So…
  • If I work an extra 8 hours a week of just overtime hours, I will make an extra $106.32 a month.
  • This means about $746.32 a paycheck. We get a paycheck twice a month, so that totals to $1,492 a month.
  • Now to subtract the mandatory bills, basically everything I pay for besides credit cards. Car payment ($185.00) Car Insurance ($152.00) Groceries ($200.00) and electric ($75.00) this leaves $885.00 for credit card payments, fun, and savings. I plan on putting about $200.00 a month to both credit cards and savings.Whew.
  • Whew. That’s a lot of numbers. I intend to stick with that a couple months, especially with Christmas right around the corner.