I think I want to be a wedding planner when I grow up. haha.

But seriously, this is amazing. It’s probably only amazing because everything is coming together so well! We have the cake taken care of (Justin’s mom is a baking whiz!) and we also have the music taken care of as well as a videographer. We work with someone who will do our photography, so all we have left is catering and venue, which we should seal the deal with on Wednesday! We’re getting married on Friday, August 28th, 2009! We really are blessed to have some amazing and talented friends.

Yesterday I went on my first dress shopping outing with my mom. After getting hopelessly lost in Ohio we managed to find David’s Bridal. Trying on wedding dresses is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I have tried out countless formal dresses for proms and homecomings when I was younger, and even weddings and other events as an adult…nothing compares to looking for the gown you’re going to be married in. First of all, before they have you look at anything, you get a personal consultant who sites down with you and registers you at the shop. Then you flip through a catalog being brutally honest about all the dresses. After you go though what you like and don’t like the consultant takes you over to the dressing area and gives you a strapless bra/corset thing and a slip..which depending on the dress you have to change in and out of. There’s two different slips, one is huge and pouf-y and made out of cretalin and the other is skin tight and silky. Obviously those are for full ballgown vs. a slinky dress. I changed in and out of those a couple times.

And then I actually tried on a dress that actually took my breathe away and made my heart start beating faster. It was so amazing! I had three before that that I really liked, but nothing compared to this dress and how gorgeous it is. I would love to put up a picture, but Justin reads this too 😉 He’s not allowed to see for another 291 days, haha.

But honestly. Seeing myself in that dress suddenly made things a lot more real to me. We didn’t buy it yet, my mom talked me into coming back in a couple weeks with some of my bridesmaids to get a couple more opinions and try some more on. But I do think I’m in love 🙂

I do believe I found another budget saver. Growersbox.com offers “wedding-in-a-box”. Basically you order the flowers you want for whatever reason (in my case for bouquets) and they deliver them to you. You basically save all that money by putting the bouquet’s together yourself. I think that would make for a good bridal party thing the night before. I figure we’ll do some sort of sleepover arrangement, I haven’t quite got that par yet. If not everyone then myself and Lori (who is Matron of Honor), after the rehersal dinner or something along those lines. Those are details for much further down the road.

I will be happy when we have the venue reserved and the big stuff taken care of…so then we can have fun planning out all the little things that will make this day wonderful 🙂


So, I’m a big country girl.  I also am a big country music fan.  Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of songs are geared towards growing up and wising up.

  • Montgomery Gentry – Back When I Knew It All ( I can’t believe all the answers I’ve found since back when I knew it all)
  • Brad Paisley – Letter To Me ( And I’d end by saying have no fear, these are nowhere near the best years of your life)
  • Trace Adkins – You’re Gonna Miss This (You’re gonna miss this, you’re gonna want this back.  You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast)

  • Those are the three that pop into my mind first.  They all make very goods points about being young and crazy, then old and wise.  Personally, back when I knew it all I thought an 11 o’clock bedtime was a horrible, horrible idea.  My father and I went round and round every night about quarter til and I would put up a fight like no other.  Now I would love for someone to make me go to bed at 11 every night…I might be able to get some decent sleep!

    If I could write  a letter to me, what would I tell myself?  First, at 17, I would tell myself simply not to worry so much.  Stop worrying about boys, all  those ones you cried over and worried about are simply drops at the bottom of the bucket of life.  Also, 17 is when I first saw Justin.  Sometimes I wonder what life would be like today if I simply put myself out there and struck up a friendship.  It would take two years and three failed relationships before I finally did.  The river of love sometimes flows upstream and all that.

    Finally, you’re gonna miss this.  Justin and I live in a beautiful two bedroom apartment in the outskirts of Butler in a beautiful setting and even a yard we can use along with fire pit, however that does not deter me in the slightest to future home purchasing endeavors.   Right now we’re just looking, but around this time next year we want to be seriously involved with home plans, maybe even have one picked out and purchased.  That’s a lot of dream for such a young couple, and I probably will miss our just starting out days somewhere down the line.  I know now that I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to test the waters before making such an investment with Justin, it just makes me all the more confident that this is going to last us a good long while =)

    And to make you smile on this dreary humpday, not exactly one of my own pieces of work but..