So I haven’t really gone into much detail about my other job, the job I actually like.

That’s a picture I took right outside the city playground.  Inside this playground I am slowly starting to see it all.  We have some young kids, the youngest being three, and the oldest of the youngest being around 8.  Then we have the kind of “tween” variety, all decked out in Hannah Montanna gear.  Then, we randomly have teenagers, some are pretty laid back, if they want to smoke their pot they’ll see us and leave, while the others are slightly more evil.

These kids…I don’t even know where to start.  Some are amazing, they remind me every second of why I can’t wait for motherhood to come knocking at my door.  Some of the others are better birth control than the pill I pop every day.  But that’s just how kids are on average.  Some of the stories you here on this particular playground are much more heartbreaking and infuriating.

So here’s a question for you.  Should society as a whole be able to decide, through fair trial of course, to decide if someone should be steralized, simply for the sake of any children they will have?  One little girl, about six years old, came up to the directors the other day and pulled a seringe out of her pocket and says:

“My mommy told me to throw these way here”

She then proceeded to pull five more out of her tiny six-year-old pockets.  Seriously, I could not even make this stuff up.  Then we have the bullies.  One in particular is an absolute terror, and then I met his older brother and realized that this poor kid did not have a snowball’s chance in hell.

I don’t understand it.  Some of these kids pounce on us at lunchtime and try to get our food, and when we tell them it’s time to go home for lunch they say they can’t.  Why?  We ask them.  Because the door is locked and the parents are gone for the day to who knows where.  What if you need to use the bathroom?  What if it starts raining?  What if you get seriously injured? Keep in mind, these kids are mostly under 9 or 10, certainly too young to go without a baby sitter, and also keep in mind that my job at this playground is not a day camp or day care of any means.  We’re mostly there to keep the kids in the park occupied and  entertained.  We have no authority at all, actually.  Just don’t let them kill each other.

All in all, I really like the job, but sometimes it breaks my heart to know that unless they stumble accross a miricle, their futures are as dark as the blacktop they play on.


Oh my, the heat!

I have to say, I love hot weather. I would so do well in the tropics where all you do is lay around and sweat. Hell freaking yeah. To bad I live in Pennsylvania, and we only get maybe a month and a half or two of gorgeous, scorching, summer heat.

I did get some sun today at the playground job.  I may buckle down and get some sunscreen…but I really want a tan! haha.  I love being out in the sunshine.

Another nice thing about the heat is after the rain, it makes scenes like this:

right out of a travel brochure.  That was taken this weekend up at the camp.  Beautiful river, and very fun to tube down!

Speaking of camp, we’re going up for a week straight at the end of June into July.  WITH MY NEW QUAD! sorry, just had to throw that in there.

bye now!