Slippery Rock really should have shut down today. Hundreds of college kids driving around the parking lot was so not a good idea with the crazy snow we had today. Seriously, when all the other area schools close, it’s probably maybe because they think it’s a good idea. I understand we pay to be there, but I don’t want to feel like I have to drive through severe weather conditions just to make it to a class. It’s not good judgment.

Rant. Onto better things =)

I am seriously the most financially irresponsible person I know. I mean, I keep up with my bills and whatnot, but I’ll be 22 on Friday and I have never opened up a savings account.

Gasp, I know. Well, I did on Friday. ING direct online to be specific. I heard some good things about them from The Consumerist, and that being a very harsh site I’ll trust it. I think that’s really what I need, a completely online savings account where I never have to actually step foot into a bank. I barely have time to go grocery shopping, let alone banking. This also means I have no excuse to not deposit money, as I sit in front of a computer for an average of 10 hours a day between work/school/personal time.

I also did something else financially responsible. I set up a budget. A budget! Me! I combined my love of my itouch with my disdain for anything related to math and found an awesome application for budgeting called Ace Budget. It lets you set a budget for a category, say “car” and then add the expenses under it. For example, I have my car budget set at $370 a month. for my car every month I send about $183 and some odd change for a payment (only 20 to go, btw!) and about $151 on insurance. the rest is gas money as needed, which usually isn’t much. When I’m not in school I’ll only spend about $20 a month on gas, work is seriously maybe 3 miles away. Anyway, I’m kind of excited to use this! I also set up my checkbook on my itouch, basically because I gave up keeping a paper one years ago when my bank went online.

I’ll never be great at finances. That’s just another thing I love about Justin. I always told myself that is would be very important to marry someone who had a good financial head on his shoulders, because Lord knows I have nothing when it comes to that department. So I’ll manage myself until the end of August, then as soon as all the name changing details come to an end I’m passing my checks to Justin and taking an allowance. 🙂


Snow! Everywhere! This is a picture of our back yard after a week straight of snow, snow, and more snow. It hasn’t stopped snowing in days. You would think I would be used to this by now, but honestly…I just really hate snow! I think we were close to record low temperatures here in PA, it’s been -7 lately. It has finally begun to warm up a little, and after feeling negative temperatures I feel like breaking out the shorts and flip-flops. Seriously! I really hate winter. I hate having to dig my car out from under a mountain of snow to go to work or school. I hate having my plans canceled because the little evil snow flakes decided to gang up on us. Summer cannot come soon enough! The winter blues are smothering me a little. I started tanning last week to help, I need my mid-winter fix of fake vitamin-D.
Tomorrow I am braving the wee hours of the morning, 5:30am to be exact, to go to my first-ever yoga class. One nice thing about over-priced higher education is that they give you new and interesting things to do, haha. Hopefully that will also enable me to stay awake during adjudication. Our professor is really interesting, I have just never, ever, ever been a morning person. It doesn’t help that I won’t be leaving work until midnight. At least tomorrow I only have one class, 8am, so yoga at 7, class at 8, at 9:30 we’re hitting the gym again,, then I’ll go tanning around 11. After that I’ll probably crash for a couple hours before work. I figure if i’m going to be busy, I might as well be freakishly busy and try something new 🙂 And I want to, you know, not look awful in a wedding dress, that sort of thing.
oh, self confidence, you suck.

I’m pretty sure I’m losing my voice. I’s been pretty rough the last couple days and having a job talking on the phone for eight hours straight it surprisingly unhelpful. hmm.
So that last entry was maybe borderline angst-y. I think I was channeling my seventeen year old self for awhile there. Anyway, I’m trucking along with my manuscript, but I know I have many mountains to climb before I finish it.
Anyway, I thought I’d share my latest wedding craft, my toss bouquet. I basically wanted some more practice before I attempt my real bouquet, as I want it to be slightly more elaborate than the others. Forgive me, I didn’t write down the names of the flowers, like this one. I liked the grassy-type accent, and at the top of the greenery it looks like it has little mini lilies that I love, so this is the first step, choppy choppy! All together it really looks like a tuft of grass, which isn’t exactly cute. I drove Justin crazy while we were looking at flowers because I kept picking up the grass stuff then deciding against it, over…and over…and over again. Justin was a very good sport about it though, and he said he liked it, so I kept them. Basically, I cut each and every individual leaf off of the main stem one at a time (Justin tried to get a picture of that, but he may or may not have been drinking, so by giving him my camera it was basically like saying “here! Do as you please and take lots of random pictures of me with a lap full of flowers!” Yeah..) anyway, I’m sure you can picture the cutting process, it took some time, but not as much time as the next step…hot glue! Yes, after cutting all the leaves apart, I glues pieces of them back together, as the picture shows. Why? I’m a little crazy and neurotic when it comes to my crafts. I wanted to be able to have the green accent throughout the bouquet and with exactly how much green/flower I preferred, so I spent about an hour hot gluing. I also do not recommend hot glue guns to be in the hands of semi-drunk fiance’s, as they seem to think it’s funny to try to wax your arm with hot glue! He’s lucky he’s cute.
Here are the bulk of the flowers for the bouquet. Again, I’m pretty horrible with remembering to jot down what type of flower I picked up, so all I know from this bunch are the roses in the middle. I get pretty obsessive when I’m picking out flowers for all this. I think I spent half an hour just in flowers holding different combinations of flowers together asking Justin “what do you think?” like a parrot. I’m sure Justin could care less if I went with the small white rosebuds or the small red rosebuds, but again, he has the patience of a saint and is a great sport. I chose white and red for this bouquet to reflect the one I have mapped out in my head for my ceremony one. All my bridesmaids will have the white bouquets I made up earlier, and will be wearing red dresses. Since I’ll be wearing white (ha) my bouquet it going to be primarily red. Kind of off-set things a bit, I think it will work! Btw… this is what I’m thinking for my bouquet, only in red. I’m in love with the cascading look here, and especially because my dress is a big on the simple side and solid white, I want a major pop of color to really bring it out. I’m really at a loss for how to get the cascading effect without having to worry about it falling apart, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.
Back to the bouquet at hand. This is how it starts out, I take a few pieces and secure them in place with flower wire. I add a couple pieces at a time because I really, really, really like to change my mind about every single little detail. Doing the arrangement part in steps allows me to 1) keep it together without enlisting the help of an extra pair of hands and 2) let me change my mind and go back without starting from the beginning. I do a lot of trial and error with this. I literally have no expierience with flower arrangement. Not with real flowers or silk ones. Nada. I do think I have a little knack for it though, but if I were handling real flowers I’d probably kill them, I’m really rough when I’m tying things together. This bouquet got extra wire and hot glue, since it’s going to get thrown, haha. and here is the semi-finished result! I wrapped the ribbon by hand and secured it with hot glue and added the different color accent and pearls on the handle just to give it a finished touch. I really didn’t want it to look like it was just a second thought since someone is actually going to catch it and look at it, I want them to think I did a good job (or think it’s professional! haha) But honestly, I really love arranging flowers! I’m actually thinking of maybe setting up a shop once the wedding is over so I can continue to create things when all is said and done. I’m just loving the expierience, and I love accomplishing things myself. I mean, in the big scheme of things these little details really don’t matter that much, but it’s the work and the satisfaction I get that really counts. Here’s a view of the toss bouquet from the top. I wish pictures could really give it justice, it looks pretty awesome. I like how my green accents came out, Justin did make the right call telling me to go with them! haha. Tonight I’m going to attempt the corsages for our moms, dads, and his grandparents. That will leave 4 more bridesmaid bouquets (I’ll probably finish those up next week), my main bouquet, and I’m going to try my hand at a “real” arrangement in memory of my grandmas. I’m not sure what I’ll put into that, I’ve been sticking to red and white, but I might add another splash of some color to make those flowers really special. After that the flowers will be finished! Completely done and with seven months to spare. Tonight after the corsages are done I’ll start printing the envelopes for the save the dates, which I printed up last night. I’ll post a picture of those along with what our invitation looks like all printed. It’s really not anything super fancy, I really wasn’t going to put a whole lot of money into something people will read once, reference maybe half a dozen times, and then toss. As much as I’d love to go all out, I realize there are more important things we can spend the money on, like booze =)
In completely unrelated news, the sky opened up yesterday and dumped more than 6 inches of snow on us. I seriously hate the snow/cold, but the only alternative is to move somewhere warm where there are spiders as big as my fist, so I’m pretty much screwed. At least it’s pretty snow, I’ll have to take a picture of our yard to keep during summer when I complain about how hot it is.
I’ll probably be updating tomorrow with my adventure in corsage making, until then you can entertain yourself here. Hope you’re staying warm, wherever you are!