Hello, my name is Ariel and I’m a work-a-holic.

I am now at the point where I keep changing my mind over wedding stuff. Things I liked a month ago I want to change and make it something I have discovered now. Take, for instance, my new little mini-obsession. I got the idea from for something a little different from the other thing I had set up too. To be honest, I really am a work-a-holic. I loved creating that. It took a few days, and I twisted every metal strand by hand, but I think it’s going to be worth it. It’s different. It’s not just another flower arrangement, and it’s something I created from nothing, save the vase, which I just love. it’s different! haha. I just hope I can stop here. I don’t want to come across something I love even more weeks away from the wedding.
Another thing I’m completely rethinking are the bouquets for bridesmaids. not completely rethinking them, because I love calla lilies, but maybe something different. Either that or I have a whole never direction for my bouquet 🙂
I plan on going to Pat Catan’s, a local craft store, very soon. Nothing says happiness like dropping $100.00 on pretty flowers and beads! I will be in wedding craftiness heaven!
Onto other exciting news…
Justin got a promotion! He is now a network operations annalist. how’s that for a super sexy title? Haha. So on Saturday, in true company spirit, everyone took him out to get completely wreaked. Let’s just say it is possible to do, you just have to have a spare $120 lying around. It was definitely money well spent, he deserved it plus so much more. I seriously feel like a proud wife, which is pretty much the truth. I’m just so happy for him 🙂 so here’s a picture of most of our more liver-sturdy co-workers, except for one rude lady flashing the tacky peace sign or bunny ears in the back there, we don’t know her. And that’s of course Justin on the far left, he got a funny tee-shirt from the bartender for getting the new job (or possibly all the tips we were throwing at him) and I do believe my boy looks very good in that shade of blue! Anyway, It’s 11:38, I’m ready to pass out, and I’m probably only typing 5 words per minute, I might even be in the negatives for how often I have to backspace. I’m freaking beat!

Wedding wedding wedding! I gave you a break for a couple days, now back to complete self-absorption 🙂 so yeah, this post is going to be long and image heavy.
Anywho, these are these are the candlesticks and vases we’re going to use for the reception. Actually Lori bought them for her wedding years ago, and conveniently still had them for her favorite future sister in law 🙂 I love the spiral twistiness to them. Lori still even has the silk flowers for them, which is everything I would have picked out already. There are two candlesticks to each vase, I’m not real sure what exactly I want to do if I want to do anything else or whatnot. The place where the reception is going to be is a big re-done barn and both sides of it are going to be open, so candles may not work out so well, so I may use these in the vases with the flowers in them to give it the romantic-type feeling without the candlelight. Just a thought for now! Now that the place is booked I feel like I can calm down a little, haha. Now I am very, very proud of these. These are the invitations I found at Ollies for $10 for 100! Ten dollars for 100 invitations, envelopes, and R.S.V.P. cards and envelopes! They aren’t incredibly fancy, but they have a beautiful silver lining with silver double hearts at the top, which is kinda the theme we have going on. The other invitations I’ve liked were going to be around $300. That’s just overkill to me. I like the simple kind of life. haha. I keep bouncing around with the colors. I thought a red/black/white would be nice, but then the dress I fell in love with actually looks better in ivory, so now I’m leaning towards that, and I also like the silver/red, so maybe that instead of black/red…. women really should not be in charge of wedding planning…I change my mind like..a woman!! these are the tri-fold programs I found, also 100 for $10 🙂 It looks gold in the picture, but that’s just the lighting in the room, it’s actually silver like the invitations. I can’t believe what a deal I got, I’m sorry, I just have to brag a little! I can’t wait to get my hands into designing them. Once upon a time I thought going into graphic design would be a cool field, but I never made that jump and just stick to simple graphic design as a hobby. I also am a total font-whore. I love them and I love finding beautiful new ones to try out. This is going to be my most favorite project ever, I just know it 🙂 I’ll probably add some sort of little brush design, I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of experimenting and I’m sure our printer is going to see a lot of action in the next couple months! And these, of course, are the simple little place cards I found, 100 for $5, haha 😉 I’m still not sure if I’ll be doing this or not. I’d like some order and to make sure none of the guests have a hard time figuring out where to sit, especially those who may not know too many people there. But again I don’t know if Justin and I will really want to sit down and figure that out, haha. I’m not sure, do people like being told where to sit? The barn is big and open, so it’s not so much a matter of “front and back” The bar will be set up outside under a big white canopy/tent, the food on one end and the DJ/music on the other end. I think it will probably just come down to who ends up R.S.V.P.ing, and we’ll go from there. I’m not too worried about that, and hopefully will not start worrying until a couple months before the big day. Then I will proceed to be a nervous wreak until my bachelorette party, where I will proceed to just be wreaked 🙂
I also took a picture of the first of the things I bought my bridesmaids, but I don’t think I’ll post those until after I give them to them to keep the surprise. Some of them read this and I like to have my secrets too! So on to the pictures of where Justin and I will tie the knot!!!
This is the awesome gazebo they have there. As you can see, they are cleaning up from Halloween, the pumpkin pictures do not come with the wedding package, haha. The ceremony and reception will both take place at a place near where Justin grew up called Cheeseman’s Farm, and more specifically, Betsy’s barn on the Cheeseman Farm. It’s out in the middle of nowhere and very private, we’re even going to have a bonfire! A bonfire at a wedding? Oh yes, this wedding is really going to let Justin’s and my personalities shine! Wine, beer, and a fire. And me in a pretty wedding dress 😉 This is seriously going to be the party of our lives. I cannot wait! I can’t believe I get to marry my best friend. (shuttup, I know it’s cliche!)
This next picture is just a better view of the inside of the gazebo. It’s not very big, it can fit about 20-30 people inside plus us. This whole affair is going to be very laid back. We’ll have our immediate family in the gazebo and then people outside. We’re really aiming for a short ceremony, 20-30 minutes max. We’re still debating if it would be ok to have people stand outside, not sure if the hill would permit chairs. haha. We are also able to have our rehersal and rehersal dinner here, which we’ll probably do a picnic style out on the picnic tables. The wedding party is fairly small, so with everyone in the party, and out parents we’re really only looking at 15-17 people. We’re still unsure about a flower girl and ring bearer. This is just a picture I took from outside the barn. Like I said eariler, they are still cleaning up from the Halloween festivities they do every year, so it doesn’t look like much now. If you go to the website, however, you can see some pictures in all its wedding glory, it’s great =) One hiccup is that the chairs they provide are the basic metal folding chairs, those would look…um, bad. ha. So we’re looking for chair covers. The ones they can rent to you are $5 a chair, that’s a little on the ridiculous side, so we’re looking into making our own. I guess we’ll just have to see if they’re more trouble than they’re worth! I’m googling like crazy, so I hope I can find something.
the last picture here isn’t of the barn or anything, but one of three cabins right beside the barn. I think we’re going to rent these for that night and my parents are going to take one, and then the wedding party, whoever wants to stay, will have the other. Justin and I probably will not be staying in the cabins that night. We’ll probably stay at a nearby hotel and then skip off to our mini-moon the next day. We’re going to wait to take a real honeymoon in the wintertime, what sounds better than a Caribbean cruise in the middle of December? Noooot much! They really are decently priced too. I’ll have to keep an eye out and see what I can find. I’m just doing some shopping around for now. We still have a year to work towards that goal. It would probably be best to get the wedding out of the way first since we’re not going on our honeymoon right away.
I’m glad to feel like I have time now. the big stuff is out of the way, so now we can have fun with the little details. What an exciting couple of months to come!

I think I want to be a wedding planner when I grow up. haha.

But seriously, this is amazing. It’s probably only amazing because everything is coming together so well! We have the cake taken care of (Justin’s mom is a baking whiz!) and we also have the music taken care of as well as a videographer. We work with someone who will do our photography, so all we have left is catering and venue, which we should seal the deal with on Wednesday! We’re getting married on Friday, August 28th, 2009! We really are blessed to have some amazing and talented friends.

Yesterday I went on my first dress shopping outing with my mom. After getting hopelessly lost in Ohio we managed to find David’s Bridal. Trying on wedding dresses is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I have tried out countless formal dresses for proms and homecomings when I was younger, and even weddings and other events as an adult…nothing compares to looking for the gown you’re going to be married in. First of all, before they have you look at anything, you get a personal consultant who sites down with you and registers you at the shop. Then you flip through a catalog being brutally honest about all the dresses. After you go though what you like and don’t like the consultant takes you over to the dressing area and gives you a strapless bra/corset thing and a slip..which depending on the dress you have to change in and out of. There’s two different slips, one is huge and pouf-y and made out of cretalin and the other is skin tight and silky. Obviously those are for full ballgown vs. a slinky dress. I changed in and out of those a couple times.

And then I actually tried on a dress that actually took my breathe away and made my heart start beating faster. It was so amazing! I had three before that that I really liked, but nothing compared to this dress and how gorgeous it is. I would love to put up a picture, but Justin reads this too 😉 He’s not allowed to see for another 291 days, haha.

But honestly. Seeing myself in that dress suddenly made things a lot more real to me. We didn’t buy it yet, my mom talked me into coming back in a couple weeks with some of my bridesmaids to get a couple more opinions and try some more on. But I do think I’m in love 🙂

I do believe I found another budget saver. Growersbox.com offers “wedding-in-a-box”. Basically you order the flowers you want for whatever reason (in my case for bouquets) and they deliver them to you. You basically save all that money by putting the bouquet’s together yourself. I think that would make for a good bridal party thing the night before. I figure we’ll do some sort of sleepover arrangement, I haven’t quite got that par yet. If not everyone then myself and Lori (who is Matron of Honor), after the rehersal dinner or something along those lines. Those are details for much further down the road.

I will be happy when we have the venue reserved and the big stuff taken care of…so then we can have fun planning out all the little things that will make this day wonderful 🙂

First of all:


ahem. anywho.

I didn’t fall asleep until 4:30 last night. I’m not nervous or anxious, but it’s that feeling you used to get when you were little knowing the next day was a big field trip. I think I’m going to feel like that for the next 10 months or so!

So, lets talk wedding 🙂

I had my own version of “the talk” with my mom today. No, not sex, just talking about moving the wedding up and our reasons for it. Our reasons are mostly personal, and maybe a little part impatience. My mom understood and was very supportive, which is just one of the reasons she’s just an amazing woman.

I feel like I need to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time. I have a list and everything. haha 🙂 Thank God for The Knot, which is the best wedding website I have found so far. This weekend I hope to have a better idea of the exact day and hopefully the place. I have the perfect place in mind that basically allows you to find your own caterer and buy your own alcohol…not a lot of places do that! Hopefully we’ll know after this weekend if this place is a go or not.

I have no idea if I should take money with me and jump on it or not…I also don’t know how much is usually required. I don’t know much about any of this. I plan on taking some pictures of the vases we have already for the wedding here soon, and also share my diy project 🙂 We need to make some adjustments to fit our small budget, but I think things are going to work out wonderfully!

Have you ever thought about the amount of time you spend sleeping? Have you ever stepped back and thought about how much you could be getting done if sleep was not a requirement to live? I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Seriously. So much time is dedicated to being unconscious.

Speaking of which, I’m dead tired. So tired to the point of just being in zombie mode. I can type around 80 wpm…yeah, I’m reduced to around 30 now. I’m just so strung out. School is what gets to me the most. I made a huge mistake with one of my online classes, basically I thought it was only a month long…like the other 6 online classes I’ve taken. Yeah, not so much. So I don’t log into that particular class for a couple weeks, then I start to wonder why it hasn’t turned off on my online class page. I look at it again and it’s not over until the end of July. After that discovery I frantically emailed my professor and asked to withdraw from the class. I’m still waiting on his reply.

My other two classes are alright. I’m keeping up with them, but I am going to need to find some time, when I don’t know, to just haul ass on a couple papers that they require.

Knowing that I have the rest of my life to look forward to after this next bleak year-and-a-half is very uplifting. Justin’s being such a good sport about my zealous wedding obsession. He’s even helping with the gust list right now! I have a really amazing man, be jealous 😉