My name is ariel.
I don’t usually like the way my name looks with a capital ‘A’.
My Limbo is about my life right now. I’m in limbo between somewhere and adulthood.
I’m really not your average college girl.
I’m happily in love with my best friend, Justin.
We live in the most amazing apartment that ever existed, but we’re working towards purchasing our own house in the near future.
I’m currently a Senior in college studying to become a social worker.
I want to save kids lives.
I have a great love for wine.
And Marlboro 27’s.
And Diet Pepsi.
I’m generally a quiet person, but my opinions could deafen you.
My greatest ambition in life is to be a novelist.
I love concerts. Especially concerts in bars.
Classic rock is quickly becoming a favorite of mine, next to country.
I work in tech support for a medium sized cable company. I’m the person you bitch to when your internet or telephone breaks.
I can’t wait to move outta limbo.


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